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Where to Start

Learn the Net.com - A Search Engine Tutor
Beaucoup - Search Engine Listings

Search Engines

Altavista - Rated as one of the best search engines on the web.
Ask Jeeves - Ask this search engine any question in english.
Dogpile - A multi-engine search tool.
Excite - Search engine.
Alltheweb - Searches more of the internet than any other search engine.
Google - Possibly the world's most popular search.
Hotbot - Search engine for those unfamiliar with Boolean logic.
Metacrawler - Another good multi-engine search tool.
Northern Light - Search engine.
Yahoo - Categorized search engine.

People Search Engines

Anywho - A people search engine.
555-1212.com - Look up any area code in any city.
EINet-Business & Commerce - A directory of business & company info.
Infospace - Another people search engine.
Switchboard - Free listing of over 90 million individuals and 10 million businesses.
The Ultimate White Pages - A people meta-search engine. Searches people search engines.
US Patent and Trademark Office - For those hard to find candidates.
WhoWhere - From Lycos. Find people, emails and addresses.
Yahoo People Finder - An online phone book for the entire US.

Company Search Engines

Big Book - Searchable database of 11 million US businesses.
Company Finder - Company finder by ZDNet.
Edgar Achives - Allows you to videw the filings of any public company.
FreeEdgar - View public filings and create watchlist.
Network Solutions - Look up information about a company's web page.
The Money Tree - Search for companies who have recieved funding for any quarter.


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